Friday, April 19, 2013

Hallie and I were rehearsing the other day and checking the editions we'd made of a Musette by Jean-Baptiste de Bousset for voice and a treble instrument and continuo and a motet on St. Michael beating the dragon in a fight. But we got bogged down.

Here's the probable repertoire for the Apr. 27th concert French Cantatas Mixed with Symphonies with 8PM, Apr. 27th 2013.
In his book of ‘Cantates Françoises Melées de Symphonies’ published in 1708, André Campra tells us he has “mixed with the delicacy of French music, the vivacity of Italian.” All composers of French cantata sought to meld the elegance of the Sun King’s court with the, well, flashiness of the Italian Baroque in both the vocal and instrumental (that is the ‘symphonies’ of the title) sections. Hallie Fishel, soprano and John Edwards, theorbo are joined by Christopher Verrette, violin, Philip Fournier, harpsichord and Justin Haynes, viola da gamba

Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Ave. (near Bay Subway)
Single tickets $25/$20 students & seniors, available at the door which opens a 1/2 hour before concert time.

Musette Jean-Baptiste de Bousset 1662-1725

Piéces en Mi Mineur Marin Marais (1656–1728)
Prelude-Le Tableau de l'Operation de la Taille-Les Relevailles

Factum est silentium Louis-Nicolas Clérambault (1676-1749)

Piéces en Sol Mineur Louis Couperin (c.1626-1661)

Sonate a la Maresienne Marais
Louis XIV and his musicians, a big theorbo and a guitar.

Piéces en Sol Majeur Robert de Visée (c.1655-1732/3)
Prelude-Menuet-Entrée Des Espagnols de M De Lully-Les Sylvains de M Couperin 

Semelé-Cantate Avec Simphonie    Élisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre (1665-1729)

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