Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here are the set lists for the Toronto Early Music Centre fair, Sat. Sep. 25 at Montgomery's Inn, 4709 Dundas St. West, at Islington. The sets are about a half hour long each.

The words here are from Danyel's book. You can see that you can use either a pro- or anti-acquiesence text depending on your audience.

3PM Set - A Musicall Banquet
Lady if you so spight me John Dowland
O eyes leave off your weeping Robert Hales
Si le parler et le silence Pierre Gu├ędron
Dovro dunque morire Giulio Caccini
Pavan Alfonso Ferrabosco the Elder
Sir John Smith his Almaine John Dowland
In darknesse let me dwell John Dowland

4PM Set - Her Leaves be Green
Coy Daphne fled John Danyel
Lyke as the Lute Danyel
Philips Pavan Peter Philips
I cannot keepe my wyfe at howme Anon.
The Rose Henry Lawes
Tavola - In quel gelato core Lawes
2 Songs from Comus Lawes
To a Lady, more affable since the Lawes
War began

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