Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yesterday I met with Alexandra Guerson over a coffee. She is a PhD student in History at University of Toronto doing race relations in Iberia in the late Middle Ages. She grew up in Brazil. We talked about some Spanish/Portuguese/Latin American concerts we'd been thinking about and I showed her some music. Then I went to visit Konrad Eisenbichler of the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies and talked about what to do for his Michelangelo and Early Modern Media classes, and when. Went over to Hallie's and chose some music for Darryl Edwards to sing in our Feb. concert but didn't sing since she was a bit under the weather. And the weather is crap. Here is a picture of a festival in Brazil. Carlos Julião, Coroação de um Rei nos Festejos de Reis (watercolour, c . 1776 ) (Rio de Janeiro, Biblioteca Nacional). Toronto doesn't look like this today.

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